picgrandpa1212Mega Concrete was founded in 1997 by Norman Mickelson, a skilled carpenter who began as a residential contractor. Norm’s work as a residential contractor was highly revered in Southwest Wisconsin and Madison areas. In 2002 Mega Concrete expanded into including work in commercial and agricultural construction. Throughout the years, Mega Concrete has helped the Madison and Southwest Wisconsin areas grow by constructing and repairing buildings and residential homes. This includes work for both private and public entities. Our services include constructing and repairing commercial, residential, retail, and agricultural concrete constructs. Mega Concrete has been able to grow as well while staying true to its customers and its roots.



392450_4045132685123_986052187_nToday, Norm is still helping on the field and bidding large projects for Mega Concrete, but now it is mainly run by his son-in-law and daughter, John and Connie Noble. Our main office is now located in Mazomanie, Wisconsin where John and Connie’s two daughters, Lisa and Katie, handle the administrative tasks for the business. You can also find Connie in the office from time to time keeping things running smoothly! Being a family-owned-and-operated business, we consider our customers to be part of our extended family and will be treated as such.





mom and dadJohn, son-in-law of Norm and Phyllis, is co-owner and Lead Finisher at Mega Concrete.

Connie, daughter of Norm and Phyllis, is also co-owner and former Office Administrator. In recent years she has pursued a career in nursing in addition to helping run the family business.




KATIEEIEIEIEIEIEIEJeremy, son-in-law of John and Connie, is a Project Manager/Estimator. He also helps in the field when needed.

Katie is the daughter of John and Connie and she is the Office Manager in the Mazomanie office.

They have two children, Nateleigh and Gunnar.




Ocampo Family (unedited)-2Luis, son-in-law of John and Connie, is a wall and flat crew employee and when needed, oversees the crew.

Lisa is the oldest daughter of John and Connie and she is the Assistant Administrator in the Mazomanie office.

They have two children, Leighanna and Landon.